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Instrument for determination of different forms of nitrogen

Instrument for determination of different forms of nitrogen consisting of:

-automatic Kjeldahl Digestion Unit DKL series,

-UDK 129 Kjeldahl Distillation Unit

This instrument is used for determination of nitrogen content (total Kjeldahl nitrogen, nitric nitrogen, ammoniacal nitrogen, protein determination) for diversified applications in environmental, chemical industries.

During digestion In higher temperature and the presence of H2SO4, salt and catalysts the soil samples are converted into simpler molecules such as H2O, CO2 and NH3. System runs after setting sodium hydroxide addition and distillation time. NH3 bound by H3BO4 is next titrated with 0.2nHCl.

Milestone ETHOS 1 - Advanced Microwave Digestion Labstation

This instrument is mostly designed for closed vessel acid digestion of the soil samples, plant samples and preparing it for further analyses for determination of total Zn, Fe, Cd, K, Ca, Mg elements and others.

Laboratory chamber furnace type FCF 22

Chamber furnace is used in physico-chemical soil analyses mainly to conduct thermal processes requiring rapid increase in temperature at a uniform temperature distribution such as: heat treating - hardening, loss on ignition (LOI), tempering and annealing, thermal aging processes. It enables to determine the amount of organic matter in the soil and to prepare samples for further chemical analyses such as total nitogen content or samples for mineralisation process.

UV-Vis Spectrophotometer DR5000 HachLange

The colorimetric measurement of the concentration of physico-chemical parameters (e.g. hardness, the content of Mg, Ca, sulphates, chlorides) in:

- drinking water,

- surface water, groundwater,

- industrial waters,

- wastewater,

- chlorophyll content in water and plants.